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LOTR Family Time

The Love of a Father

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This is a series of stories,all having to do with Elrond's love for his children.  Some of the stories are heart wrenching, some are funny, some are happy, and some are sad.  I have arranged the stories in chronological order but be aware that each is it's own complete tale.

The End of Harmony

A short glimpse of one event that occurred after Celebržan was found and before she sailed to Valinor.

Wounded Hearts

The hearts of those left after Celebržan departed for Valinor are wounded.  Each deals with their grief in a different way but will the grief of one destroy the rest?

Endless Night

In the dark of night a father may lose yet another piece of his heart.

Tough Love

Desperate times call for desperate measures so Elrond takes steps to save his sons while putting his relationship with them in jeopardy.

Fire Flies

A light-hearted moment causes Elrond to recall a difficult decision.


Lessons Learned

Elrond is a very busy elf but a little boy is desperate for his attention.  Can Elrond pry himself away from Imladris long enough to impart important lessons to his son and in the process learn a lesson himself?

Comfort of a Father

A happy reunion should be in store as Estel and the twins are returning from the young human’s first trip with the rangers.  However, something is amiss with the youngest member of Elrond’s family will he share his secret or will it haunt him his entire life?

Releasing the Butterflies

Elrond is faced with a dilemma upon the return of his youngest son; should he interfere in the lives of his children or should he allow them to do as they see fit. 

In my Heart

The War of the Ring has been won but not all are happy as it is time for a father to leave two of his children forever. What do you say when it is your last chance to say anything?


It has been said that all sacrifices have their rewards.  Will Elrond’s reward for his service to Middle Earth be what the elf lord needs most or will he be left unfilled?