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The End of Harmony

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Author:  washow


Rating:  G


Summary:  A short glimpse of one event that occurred after Celebržan was found and before she sailed to Valinor.


Disclaimer:  I do not own Lord of the Rings nor am I making any profit from this story.  Any similarities to other fan fiction are purely coincidental.




The End of Harmony


It was a gray and dreary day in Imladris and for good reason because the lady of the house had lately returned to the beautiful abode after being tortured by orcs.  The lord of the manner was able to heal his beloved’s bodily wounds but despite how much he tried he could not close those wounds, which had been inflicted upon her spirit.  The wounds had been poisoned and that evil substance had managed to distance the delicate elf from the happiness of Middle Earth to such a degree that she was going to sail for the undying lands.  That decision came as an incredible shock to the occupants of the house who had just gotten back the one they lost only to learn that they were going to lose her again.  Elrond Peredhil had taken refuge in the majestic library of Imladris because he had often found peace there but this day was different for this day was so dark that the elven lord was sure he would never know peace again.  His wife was about to embark on a journey to the undying lands and was taking half of his heart with her.  For that reason he longed to sail to the undying lands so he could be whole again and free of despair.


            The brooding elf didn’t realize that another had entered and was standing in the shadows.  “Your heart is torn over whether to go with her or to remain here in your beloved Middle Earth.”


            Elrond turned quickly at the unexpected statement and was surprised by who he saw standing there, “Galadriel, I’m sorry my lady I didn’t hear you enter.  Is there a change in Celebržan?”


            Elrond started toward the door but was brought to an abrupt halt by a hand on his arm, “There is no change Elrond and there is no reason to worry.  I came looking for you because I am concerned for your well being during this trying time.  Will you sail with her?”


            Elrond settled himself into the chair the lady had directed him to and wearily rested his head in his hand, “I don’t know.  There are so many things which seem unsettled.  I want to go but . . .” at this juncture he absently played with the ring upon his finger than murmured to himself, “I suppose Glorfindel would take it.”


            Galadriel settled on the neighboring settee and nodded, “He would and there isn’t a more trustworthy elf in Middle Earth but there are other reasons to stay besides your duty.”  Elrond raised his eyes to meet those of his wife’s mother and the lady continued, “Your children need you Elrond.  They are losing their mother and they need you desperately.  You face a difficult choice leave with your wife and allow both of your hearts to be restored or stay here with your children and allow them to slowly restore your heart.  Which path will you choose?  None but you know the answer that lies in your heart.”  With that statement the lady left as suddenly as she had appeared leaving the half-elven lord alone with his thoughts.  


            As the day turned to night Elrond roamed the passages of his hall seeking respite from the worry and indecision which plagued his heart.  Finally he found himself on the balcony, which was across the passage from the room he and his wife shared.  He gazed at the chamber door for what seemed to be eternity as he thought about the beautiful elf that laid inside in a drugged sleep.  Finally he turned and faced toward his valley and let his head drop in defeat, he was so confused about what to do and so angry with the Valar who would allow this to happen.  Suddenly his reverie was broken by a hand gripping his shoulder.


            “Do not despair my friend for joy will come again to this house.”


            Elrond turned to meet his golden haired advisor’s eyes, “Glorfindel, how I wish I had your certainty.”


            The ancient elf smiled, “You have anything which is mine to give my friend and so for now I give you my certainty.  Galadriel spoke to you about staying for the children did she not?”  Elrond gave a small nod in response so Glorfindel continued, “What have you decided?”


            Elrond sighed, “I don’t know how I can stay my friend.  How can I let half of my heart leave and keep on living?  I’m tired old friend, so many sorrowful things have occurred in my life and now my heart is weary and desires peace.  But yet how can I leave my children?  How can I make them go through the same abandonment I went through when I was young?  How can I be parted from them, the twins who remind me so much of Elros and I and little Arwen, so young, sweet and innocent?”  Elrond raised pleading eyes to his old friend, “Tell me what to do”


            Glorfindel smiled, “That I cannot do my friend.  This choice belongs to you and you alone.  But I will tell you this, I’ll stay here and help in whatever capacity you need me.  If you sail I’ll raise your children the best I can and if you stay I’ll be by your side helping you in your struggles.”


            With those words of wisdom the lord of Gondolin disappeared from the balcony leaving the Lord of Imladris alone with his thoughts.  Long did the half-elf stand there staring at the sky as his father made his nightly voyage when there was a cry in the night.




            When Elrond heard that sound he bolted upright and ran down the hall to his daughter’s room.  He was making his way to the bed when Arwen continued to cry out, “Ada, don’t leave ada.  We need you!”  With this last cry Arwen shot upright in her bed and started to sob.


            Elrond ran the rest of the way to his daughters bed and gently scooped her into his arms, “Don’t cry little one, ada’s here.”


            Arwen raised her tear-streaked face to her father, “Are you going to leave us too?”


            As Elrond gazed at his crying daughter tears started to fall from his own eyes, “No little one, I’m staying here with you for a very long time.”


            This reassured the elfling and she started to drift off to sleep but not before asking one last question, “Promise?”


            Elrond gently laid his daughter on her bed and kissed her brow, “Yes I promise.”  So at that moment Elrond finally made a decision and put aside his desire to leave with his wife and instead stayed in Middle Earth and allowed the love of his children to heal his heart.


              The end