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Here you will find all of the translations for the unfamiliar words I use in my stories.  These translations are also found at the end of the story but if this makes it easier for you, the reader, than so be it.

Ada/adar – dad/father


Alagos – windstorm


Daro – stop


ion non – my son


Mellon nín – my friend


Mithlond – the elven realm of the gray havens


periannath – elvish name for hobbits


Sardinops – Latin word (no elvish available) for the genus of the Sardine (you know little fish in a can).  Sardines is a game children sometimes play in the US.  The game is sort of the opposite of hide and go seek in that one person hides and the other players seek him or her out.  The hider must choose a place big enough to hold all the players and the last one to find the group is it.


Vorondosta – Faithful defender


Wain– wagon


Yen – 144 years