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In My Heart

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Title: In My Heart

Author: washow

Rating: G

Summary: The War of the Ring has been won but not all are happy as it is time for a father to leave two of his children forever. What do you say when it is your last chance to say anything?

Disclaimer: I do not own Lord of the Rings nor am I making any profit from this story. Any similarities to other fan fiction are purely coincidental. I tried to remain as true to the books as I could but there may be a few discrepancies. This is not slash but a tale of friendship and family love.

In My Heart

        The War of the Ring was over and the people of Middle Earth were more light- hearted and carefree than they had been in many years. However, every victory has it’s price and in this instance the price was the fading of the three elven rings which in turn put an unbearable strain upon those who wore the rings. Therefore the bearers were about to sail for Valinor before the strain destroyed them which was why Elrond was now standing on a bluff which overlooked the sea on one side and a vast portion of Middle Earth on the other side. Elrond sighed as his eyes scanned the horizon before him and he began to recall his days on Middle Earth; his mother telling he and Elros how much she loved them before she left the last time, Elros telling him that he was choosing a mortal life and than many years later watching as his twin took his last breath, meeting Celebržan and nervously asking Celeborn for her hand in marriage, the birth of all three of his children, Celebržan being rescued from the orcs and the subsequent heartbreak, Aragorn and Gilraen joining the household, Aragorn joining the rangers, learning about the betrothal between Aragorn and Arwen, the council which sent his sons out to battle the evil of Middle Earth, the coronation of his youngest and watching his foster son marry his daughter.

      Elrond had endured so many challenges during his time on Middle Earth and yet he found he was reluctant to leave because that meant leaving his children. Yes, the twins would join he and Celebržan in Valinor when they tired of Middle Earth but Aragorn and Arwen would never be able to make that journey – a fact which broke his heart. The thought that he would never see two of his beloved children again caused him to consider remaining in Middle Earth a while longer however, the constant strain of Vilya quickly reminded him that he needed the healing that Valinor could provide or he would die in front of his children.

        Just as he reacquired his resolve to leave he heard a soft voice call, “Ada?” Elrond looked to his left and there coming out of the bushes was a vision of loveliness, his third child - the beautiful Undůmiel.

        Elrond turned his attention to his daughter, “Arwen”. For the longest time those were the only words spoken as Elrond studied the beautiful face of his daughter and was swept away in a sea of memories; an elfling barreling into his study in the middle of an important meeting in order to evade the twin demons who were chasing her, the riding lessons father and daughter both cherished, the heart-stopping anguish which was reflected in her eyes after Celebržan left and the complete joy which was reflected in those same eyes the day she married Aragorn. Finally Elrond came out of his reverie and gently caressed his daughter’s cheek than stroked under her eyes with his thumbs to wipe away her tears but ignored his own. “I’ll always love you, Undůmiel nothing can change that. I just hope that you will remember me after I’m gone.”

        Arwen cried even harder, “Ada, do you think I could ever forget you? Just because I love Aragorn it doesn’t mean that I don’t love you as well. I’ll never forget you or mother for you will always be in my heart. I’ll tell my children stories about elves and how important their grandfather was to Middle Earth and to their mother. Ada, please tell mother that I have never stopped loving her or thinking about her but I couldn’t come because I’ve found the other half of my heart in Aragorn and so Middle Earth will forever be my home.”

        Elrond was also crying harder, “I’ll tell her and don’t worry she would never have you turn against your heart for her sake. Make sure your brothers bring drawings and accounts of the two of you when they come to Valinor .”

        Arwen nodded, “I will, I love you ada.”

        Elrond enveloped her in a tight embrace, “I love you too my Untominal.” After several more embraces the father and daughter parted ways and Elrond made his way to the dock where the ship was waiting. Unbeknown to the elf a figure was lurking in the shadows watching as the elf lord made his descent from the bluff to the shoreline. Suddenly Elrond felt the presence of another and looked to his right where in the shadows of the luggage he saw his foster son, “Aragorn”.

        The simple comment caused the king of Gondor to come out of the shadows which allowed his father to see the tear tracks on his cheeks, “I’m sorry ada.”

        Elrond quickly moved to his youngest son and enveloped him in a hug, “Oh my son what are you sorry for?”

        “I’m sorry I let her fall in love with me and I’m sorry I’m causing you all this pain.” The king sobbed, “I wish ... I wish I’d never met her and that she was going with you to live out her immortal days in Valinor.”

        Elrond just held his son tighter for a moment than pulled away so that he could look in the child’s eyes. He gently brushed away his son’s tears, “Do you know what I wish? I wish there was enough power in this ring to make you an elf because never has there been an elf that lived as honorably and as true to the will of the Valar as you have done. I am so proud of the man you have become my son and I’m glad you met Arwen because I can’t imagine a more worthy person for her to marry. Even if I wasn’t leaving both of you here my pain would be just as great because I would still be losing you my wonderful child.”

        Aragorn shook his head, “I don’t think I can do it ada, I don’t think I can be king”

        Elrond smiled and placed his hands on his son’s shoulders, “Yes you can, everyone who knows you has seen the king in you for a very long time now you just have to trust in yourself.” As it was nearing departure time father and son clung to each other until finally it was time to leave so Elrond broke the embrace and gave last minute advice to his son, “Never forget that I love you Estel and that you are my son. Remember that I don’t regret your marrying my daughter so don’t let others convince you that you are unworthy of her sacrifice.”

        The human just nodded as tears flowed down his cheeks finally he regained the ability to speak, “I love you too ada and I’ll never forget you. Thank you for always being there when I needed you.”

        Elrond gave his son a last hug, “I’ll always be there for my son because a part of me will remain in your heart.” Then the half-elf turned and boarded the ship and set sail for Valinor leaving behind a part of his heart. As Elrond stood by the railing staring into the sea Glorfindel appeared by his side, “Never give up hope Peredhil. The workings of the Valar are mysterious and impossible to predict, you may yet see them again.”

        Elrond lifted a tear stained face to his friend, “Even if I don’t they will always be in my heart.”

The End