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It Seemed Like a Good Idea

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Title: It Seemed Like a Good Idea

Author: washow

Rating: PG

Summary: Aragorn's plan backfires.

Disclaimer: It isn't mine and I'm making no money from this story.

A/N: Just a short bit of silliness to brighten my days of job hunting.

Aragorn sighed, it seemed like a good idea at the time - a little harmless prank to scare the crap out of Legolas - but now here he sat, locked in the wine cellar, cold and hungry. The man shook his head in frustration, if only he had not climbed on top of that wine barrel he wouldn't have fallen and knocked himself unconscious. It was of course that unconscious state which had caused him to miss the prince who had come and went, never noticing the unconscious man behind the wine barrel. It wasn't bad enough that when he awoke the special wine was gone but that irritating elf had barred the door behind him! Of course Aragorn had not realized that at first and thought the door was stuck, so he rammed the door with his shoulder and had either deeply bruised or cracked his shoulder blade. The ranger took a deep breath and leaned back against the barrel, how could a simple prank go so badly? The man snorted, to think he was here to attend the spring festival - a festival which was going on over head while he was stuck alone in the dark!

The ranger kicked the barrel across from him in frustration; it just wasn't fair, he got so little time to relax and now it was being ruined by his rotten luck. Suddenly, it occurred to him that although he couldn't be upstairs he had plenty of wine right here and could have his own private party! He pried the lid of a barrel of wine, grabbed a ladle and started indulging himself. A dozen or so ladle fills later, the ranger decided what he really needed was a cheery fire so he unsteadily climbed to his feet and started pawing through his pockets looking for a flint. After a few minutes of searching he triumphantly pulled it out of his pocket and looked around to find fuel for this fire. When his eyes landed on the lid to the wine barrel he smiled gleefully and lit it on fire. Unfortunately, the drunken ranger wasn't able to move back fast enough and the flames singed his eyebrows.

All could have been well after that if the ranger wasn't too busy enjoying his fire to notice the fire was too close to the other wine barrels. Due to his present state the ranger was very surprised when the barrel across from him exploded. For once, luck was on his side as at the moment of the explosion the ranger had moved away from the fire and was just about to get himself another drink. Helpless to do anything Aragorn watched as two than three more barrels exploded. Just as the man was praying to the Valar for a quick and painless end the door flew open and several elves rushed past him. Aragorn blinked his eyes at the scene in front of him, his brain desperately trying to make sense of it all when suddenly he was roughly grabbed from behind and drug into the passage way. Once out of danger the person responsible for hauling him out wrenched him around and Aragorn found himself looking into the eyes of his oldest friend. For his part Legolas was shocked, the explosions themselves were startling enough but to find the man in the center of it with singed eyebrows was just too much. Legolas looked at the man for a moment than simply asked, "What happened?"

Aragorn shrugged, "It seemed like a good idea at the time" and promptly passed out in the elf's arms.

The End