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My collection of stories, from the most recent to the oldest.  All of the stories are nonslash.  To read a story click on the underlined phrase, a short description of the story is located below the link.



Aragorn suffers the consequences of his actions. Sequel to "It Seemed Like a Good Idea". Rated G.

Searching for a Home

Aragorn muses about his home. Rated G.

It Seemed Like a Good Idea


Aragorn's plan backfires. Rated PG.

One Change

Our lives are a series of events. What happens if the outcome one of those events is changed? Rated PG13.

The Miracle

Severely injured, Aragorn curls up under a bush thinking he will have to suffer and perhaps even die alone but then, he gets a miracle.  Rated G.

Overcoming Prejudices

Things go badly for the elves of Mirkwood and their only salvation may come in the form of a ranger of the north.  Will the woodland king swallow his pride and ask for help?  Rated PG.

A Friendship Broken

After a terrible accident Aragorn wants nothing to do with a loyal friend.  Can his family help him see the error of his ways before it is too late? Rated PG for a scary scene.

The Road Goes On and On

Aragorn and Legolas in a small and dark place.  A combination of characters and event which is sure to lead to an adventure or two.  Rated G.

Blood of a Brother: The Cost of Victory

Aragorn has fought hard to see his dreams come true but when his victory costs the life of one of those closest to him he wonders if the sacrifice was worth the price. A 2005 mithril quarter finalist!  Rated PG for character death.


Council of a Father

A Fill-in-the-blank story of the aftermath of the Council of Elrond (book version).  How did Elrond choose who would go and who would stay home?  Rated G.

The Age Old Question

Legolas finally finds out the answer to a question which has been plaguing him his entire life.  Rated G.

A Matter of Honor

An uneventful day in Rivendell takes a surprising twist.  Rated PG.

A Soul's Sorrow

This is my personal favorite even though it is very short.  This tale depicts what Legolas’ thoughts could have been when he saw the destruction around Isenguard.  Rated G.   A Mithril Awards Semi-finalist 2005!


Between Father and Son

This short series (2 stories) was originally titled Addendum to The Love of a Father but I decided it needed it’s own original title.  This series features Legolas and Thranduil and the challenges which face them when the prince befriends a man.  Rated G.

The Love of a Father

This link will take you to a separate page with it’s own series of links so do not be alarmed you are not transported instantly to a story.  This is a collection of short stories written to showcase the love of Elrond for his children.  Stories range from G to PG13.    Won best story featuring Elrond and the twins in the 2004 Mellon Chronicles fiction contest.


The Price of Being King

Life is a series of choices, but every choice has a consequence.  The newly crowned king of Gondor must make a choice, the consequence of which will affect Middle Earth for eternity.  Slightly AU. Rated a very conservative PG for tense situations involving lovable animals.

The Regatta

This was my first story and it shows!  It is a fun little diversion if you are feeling stressed and want to read a little piece of nonsense.  It is a fun time with three young elves, a ranger, boats and baby frogs.  Rated G.