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Searching for a Home

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Title: Searching for a home

Author: washow

Rating: G

Disclaimer: I am making no money from this story.

Summary: Aragorn is musing about his home.

A/N: This was written for prompt 21: Home. I’ve noticed that several of the other stories have similar titles and are perhaps similar in subject, that is unintentional as I haven’t even had a chance to read the others yet.

‘Welcome home’ they said, but is this my home? Yes, I have been crowned their king and I gladly govern them, but is this where my heart lies? I look down as I walk along the precipice and see level upon level of city, the white city. Beautiful in its own way yet made completely of stone and suffocating to a free spirit who is used to the wilds. The structure of this place I could get used to, a building is just a building one can adapt to their surroundings but it is what is missing from inside the city which makes me long for home. I laugh quietly, here I am musing on if this is my home and find the answer comes from my own mouth – I am longing for my home and so this cannot be that place. I have my wife, my beautiful Arwen and I love her with all my heart and yet it is not enough to make this my home.

Where is my home I wonder, I pause a moment to contemplate my answer and a picture pops into my head – Imladris, the hidden valley I roamed in my youth. How I miss it and all the elves who live there, my father in particular. He has journeyed to the undying lands to be reunited with his wife and I am glad for him and yet I ache for his company. The twin sons of Elrond, my brothers, are still living in Imladris and I long to be there with them. It is not that I want to avoid responsibility for I have always had that no matter where I laid my head but I long for their companionship and understanding. For you see I think for a home to be a home there must be people there who know your past and love you despite what you have said, done or been.

The day is getting old and I hear voices calling to me, asking me to come in and share a meal with friends. I cast a last gaze to the north then turn and make my way into the white tower to join the people who are there. I look around the room at the men, dwarfs, hobbits and elves in attendance and smile. Perhaps this is not my home today but I have high hopes that it will be soon.

The End